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Pictures, pictures, yet more pictures.

I love taking pictures. I really love taking pictures of trains and I've been doing it for a long time. So on these pages I'll add photograph albums of old stuff that predates the publishing of TRAINSPOTTER-USA.COM. Trips on preserved railways, albums of local shortlines,etc. If it's to do with railways and I've taken pictures. I'll put it here.
Below you can see some of the albums I plan to post and add to. Some of the photos might be useful for modellers. At the least I hope the pictures will be quite interesting. Take a look and perhaps tell me what you think. Drop me a line at ian AT iholmes DOT com

Tehachapi Trip
Saint Paul Riverfront 2003
Railbox album
Ashland Ore Dock
Northern Lines Railway
If you modelled that they wouldn't believe you

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