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If you modelled that they wouldn't believe you...

There's no tellings what you might see when you're out lineside as I hope that the bashers blog has shown you. Pristine BNSF ACe's, beat up old SD40's or locomotives from the other side of the country. You often get surprised. You can often get surprised looking around the yards or looking at the cars as the train goes by. I've seen some interesting and things and I thought that "If you modelled that they wouldn't believe you" would be a good title for the section
changed out aircon panel
We'll start with one of my favourites and a sight that is not at all uncommon. The misplaced aircon cover on the C-44 loco. When in the shop being serviced the aircon unit is always serviced and quite often when the panel covering the unit is replaced its not the panel that was removed. Here's a warbonnet C-44 with a Heritage Orange aircon cover. That sticks out like a sore thumb.
bad number
Here's another really neat one this is a rather bad looking patch and paint job on a gondola. A plate has been welded on the side and the reporting number has been both stencilled on and sprayed on! A very strange sight indeed.

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