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Tehachapi Pass November 2002. Part 3 - The out-takes

The pages about Tehachapi have gone down very well. So much so that I have had requests for more pictures. So here are some more shots from the day that didn't make the final cut in the interests of telling the story of the day. Thanks everyone for taking an interest
waiting at the bottom
First up a closer view of the 5 loco's on the train I was to chase up the hill waiting to be given the all clear
C44-9W No 739
This then is No. 739 a loco I would see only a few weeks later all the way over in Minnesota in Elk River
first train down the hill
First train down the hill was this three unit lash up. I can still hear the breaks squeaking, squealing and hissing to this day...
This warbonnet GP60 grabbed my attention as everything else I was seeing up to that point was in the heritage livery. In my inexperience I believed that the warbonnet scheme was history and they would soon all be gone so I grabbed the picture for posterity. Now of course I know that I'll still be seeing them for years to come.
yet another C-44
Here we have yet another C-44 and look! Its had its aircon cover replaced with one from a warbonnet liveried loco. Now I notice this I see it quite regularly
BNSF 4862 another C-44
This clean C-44 looks quite beautiful as she rounds the curve gleaming in the sunlight
A geep in H1 livery
This SD40 too, looks quite nice in the Heritage livery lit by the sun
NS unit brings up the rear
This Norfolk Southern unit. A D9-40C was a very surprising sight at the foot of the California mountains.