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Coffee and a chase September 1st.

As is my wont on Monday morning I decided to head over to Caribou Coffee in Brainerd again for my morning shot of Joe and deal with my emails on my iPod touch. I picked up my camera on the off chance that I might see something worth shooting. But I'd already seen one train on the Brainerd sub this weekend I figured that was my lot for the weekend. An eastbound to chase would be nice but I wasn't really holding out much hope to be honest. I'd been sat there a while buried in my emailing and I looked up and would you believe it? An Eastbound coal train! I quickly packed everything up, grabbed my coffee and set out to catch it at Deerwood. I zipped along 210 and down 12 . Mindful of the fact that this was a holiday weekend and the traffic cops could be out with their radar guns. I reached Deerwood quite comfortably and was rewarded with this shot of GEVO No. 9267 and SD70MAC No. 8953. Now I was going to have some fun! How many times could I catch this train between here and Aitkin?
first shot of the chase
I jumped in the car and the chase was on! I figured the first place I'd have a chance was the Co. Rd. 111 crossing. However a slow moving truck as far as Cauyna Country club put me in a bit of a hole as I rushed up to the crossing. I got there just in time but in my rush I accidentally switched my camera over to playback mode and I only worked that out in time to get a shot of the train leaving me. CURSES! It looked like the approaching shot would have been a good one too.
train leaving location No.2
Back into the car again and on to my third location. Blue Lake Road, where I was yesterday for 2 hours. Once again I pulled the train in easily and sped away from it. Checking in my mirror to see how far the train was behind me I saw an angle I like with some nice curves in it. So I pulled over and prepared to get the shot. This one was worth it I feel.
Chase shot No.3
Fired up I decided to try for a fourth shot in Aitkin by the depot. But the speed limits slowed me down and I found myself turning down a side road to grab a shot at some open ground by the police station. I only had time to get out of the car and lift the camera to my eye before the lead loco came into view.
lead loco arrives in Aitkin
I also got a shot of the SD70MAC running behind it.
SD70MAC arrives in Aitkin
I had already decided I was going no futher chasing this train so I waited to see if there was any DPU on the rear. There was but it was pointing the wrong direction. No matter. I'll take the picture as proof of the chase.
SD70 MAC No. 9808 running DPU
There we go. I was done. I was pretty tired after that. I have to say that the chase was a lot of fun. The adrenalin was flowing as I tried to reach my desired locations. As I drove back to the cabin I reflected on things that would make the chase easier next time. Things like a Bugatti Veyron for example. Perhaps the extra speed and acceleration would hlep me catch the train at a fifth place. But knowing that to be an impossibility, I think some greater knowledge of the line and photo opportunities would help. The final mile of the chase through the streets of Aitkin were that did me. Next time I think I'd settle for somewhere on the outside of town. But what a lot of fun! Chasing a train is as much fun as you can have while trainspotting.