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The Las Vegas Monorail.

OK. I know its not really a train in the truest sense of the word but its rail transportation and I hadn't so much as seen a train in 2 months so when the trip to Vegas to run the Marathon arrived I lapped up the chance to photograph something.
Actually to be honest, the Vegas monorail is pretty neat. It runs from the Sahara Hotel at the North of the famous strip to the MGM Grand at the south. Stopping at several stations at casinos on the way down. Conveniently serving all the casinos on the strip. We were esconced in the Sahara at the northern end of the line and I was quite pleasantly surprised when I looked out of the window to see the Station below me. Very nice and convenient. In this morning view you can see a train in the station area. The line you can see leaving the station heads around the block to the train shed where the trains are stored overnight.
first view of monorail
This was the just after 7 am and there was a regular procession of trains coming from the shed to the station to begin their days work. Here's two identically liveried cars in the station area.
pair of cars
After breakfast we set off to explore the strip. As the strip is over 4 miles long and I needed to conserve my energy for the race walking was not an option so we took the train.  We bought ourselves a pair of $28 3 day passes and waited for our first trip. It was to be in this Bank of Nevada sponsored train. Very nice. The monorail system is entirely automatic. So there are no drivers, no conductors and no station staff just periodic visits from the security staff. A little bit strange but it all runs very efficiently.
bank of nevada train
Later that day we found ourselves down at the MGM Grand after collecting my race packet for the marathon and in need of a trip up the line back to our hotel. So we picked up this train sponsored I think by a portable defibrillator company. Seen here leaving the station to access the switch track around the corner to get onto the northbound line. (more on monorail pointwork later)
lifepak train
Later on we found ourselves at the Harrahs/Imperial palace station waiting for another train this one sponsored by Monster energy drink.
monster energy drink train
I am sure that when most people think of a monorail they imagine that the route has to be flat and free from gradients. This clearly is not the case as you can see from this picture of a plain white unsponsored train arriving the Bally's Paris station. The monorail has several sections of gradients as it climbs over and around the casinos and their car parks.
slope approaching Ballys
The line was always busy, it has 9 trains working on approximately 5 minute gaps between trains so you never have to wait long and trains cross at almost every station. My favourite place to watch them pass was Harrah's/Imperial Palace where trains had to round a sharp curve to enter the station environs. I thought it made for an interesting shot.
passing at harrah's
The monorail was a very interesting experience. Not at all what I was expecting. These last pictures show somethng that amazed me. Monorail turnouts. I didn't know such things existed. My only previous experience of a monorail was seeing the one at Butlins holiday camp in Skegness when I was a kid. It was a continuous loop with no pointwork needed so to watch these large concrete girders move to allow the trains to change track was a huge surprise. In this picture you can see that the "track" is set straight for a northbound train to access its platform
straight switch
Then with a hiss of compressed air the huge concrete girder moved sideways and a curved "rail" lined up with the platform road so the train could access the southbound line
curved switch
There we go the Las Vegas monorail. It's a valuable asset to the transportation facilities in Vegas. We certainly got our value for money from the $28 3 day passes. Extensions of the line have been proposed both Northwards towards the famous Freemont Street and East from the MGM Grand to the McCarron Airport. But the cost has put paid to that for the moment. As usual if anyone is interested more pictures will follow.