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A Pigs Ear from Pig's Eye and beyond, August 1st.

Well, I suppose it had to happen sooner or later I'd have a bad day. I suppose that last Fridays rainstorm killing my spotting before it even started was bad enough. But this time I actually got out lineside before things got bad. It was a ridiculously early finish from work today. 8:45 to be exact. On my way to Pigs Eye I had to stop in Richfield and pick up my race packet for the Urban Wildland Half marathon so it was 10am before I was driving along Warner Road on the riverfront. Things looked good, there was a pair of UP GP's waiting to move out so I thought I was in for some fun. I turned off and found a good spot looking across the yard. It was then I discovered that the UP train was blocking my entire view of the yard! Even worse it wasn't moving so all I could see was this UP SD60 leading a mixed freight with another SD in tow and it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon...
UP 2235
After a while the UP train in front of me reversed back into the yard.
"Oh Goody" I thought. "Now I'll be able to see something". About a dozen wagons passed and it stopped again. Just to annoy me even more a Pair of CP ES44AC's passed behind it and this is what I saw.
CP 8888
Then the UP train eased backwards again and the two GP's 1242 a GP39 and 393 came into view. After all the trouble they were giving me. I was pleased that they had at last got into shot. But this train was out to annoy me. No question about it. another 6 wagons passed by and the darned thing stopped again. This time for good it didn't move for 10 minutes.
UP 1242 and 393
I'd been there half an hour and this train had been blocking me all the time. I'd had enough so I decided to head over to Midway and see what I could see there. As I drove past the track at the foot of Daytons bluff I saw a gang working on the track. This was going to cause me trouble. When I got to midtown I was immedately heartened by the sight of this pair of NS 40-CW's that were preparing to shut down for the day. Perhaps things would be better here.
NS 9328
In front of me was a 6 unit lash up on a train of Road railers lead by UP power with a plethora of leased locos behind it. I think I got them all...
UP 3266
UP 3256
HLCX 3812
UP 675
LLPX 2249
UP 715
But it wasn't moving. Nothing was. There was a couple of other loco's to be seen NS and UP power in the yard but nothing was hapenning.
UP 587
NS 7547
Clearly the track gang at the foot of the bluff was causing the problems, nothing was going to move until they were done. So I decided to call it a day and cheer myself up with a toffee latte at Coffee Corner, even though that was still an hours drive away. To compound my annoyance even further. I glimpsed this 4 unit lash up waiting at Union Junction going nowhere. See the Green and red unit in the back? That belongs to Ferromex, the Mexican Railways. Quite what a Mexican loco is doing in Minnesota is beyond me. But there it is tanatalisingly out of reach of my camera.
BNSF 8967
There you are a thoroughly annoying few hours lineside. You may think that its not all that bad but everything would have been so much better if things had been moving. I could have seen that lot in 20 minutes.