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Give me some trains... Please! Saint Cloud. May 13th.

I am not a happy Trainspotter. A change of hours at work means that my usual Friday mornings sojourns lineside in the Elk River area have been curtailed and when I do get out there, because of the recession and the cutback in traffic there is nothing to see. My trip to Northtown really bought that home. Still, determined to see something I pootled over to Saint Cloud on the Saturday morning to see if anything would materialise. As I pulled into the Station car park I could see that there were boxcars a plenty lined up for scrapping at the scrap merchants yard opposite. The image below interested me so I thought I'd share it with you.
scrap box car ends
I didn't have to wait long to hear the sound of a distant horn indication a train appriaching from the North. It was a pair of SD's leading a long coal train, with surprise of surprises another SD on DPU duty at the rear.
SD's on a coal train
After that it went quite for a bit and then I heard a Northbound being given a warrant to head up to Gregory from Big Lake so I knew something should be along in about 20 minutes. When it arrived it was a mixed bag of 44's  ES44 #7406 leading out a C44 and two more ES44's on a trailer and container stack train.
ES44 7406 leading
It passed through and I was thinking that it might not be such a bad day after all. But you know my luck.
Silence... Not a thing.
I began to get quite depressed. So I decided to slide over to the yard to see if anything interesting was parked up there. But as I approached the yard I heard the dispatcher give clearance to a train to head into the yard from the North. Immediately I perked up. That meant I'd get a chance to get a shot of a train crossing the  bridge over the Mississippi. I turned and headed back to the bridge. The detector up in Sartell announced 36 axles. Thirty Six? That's a short train. It couldn't be the Sartell local could it? I didn't think that would run on a Saturday. I suppose though if it serves the paper mill it could well run six days a week. Of course in the time between me snapping the last train and waiting for this one. It had clouded over and was even spitting with rain. But I didn't care too much I was looking forward to seeing a train rumble over the bridge and having a camera to record the moment.
Sartell local crossing the bridge
There you go. Not the greatest picture in the world I'll grant you. But it's something I've wanted to record for quite a while. Maybe next time I'll be able to shoot it in the sun. Not a great mornings work but the local on the bridge more than made up for it.