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Missed opportunities - St. Cloud - March 15th.

Ha! I had such a good time last week in St Cloud I decided to go again. Mrs. TS-USA had a long appointment at the hairdressers sceduled followed by the grocery shopping. She would be out for 3 hours. Time enough to go to St Cloud get a couple of hours spotting in and still be back before she got home...
As I arrived and pulled into the depot car park I could sense there was something up. I looked to the north and could see a caboose. Unusual any time, more so on a staurday. I wondered if the Northern lines were at work. The Caboose got closer. Not so, it was a BN track maintenance crew laying down sleepers (ties)
caboose approaches
PW train locos
The caboose passed me and the maintenance train went through the station and pulled onto the other running line. Something was definitely afoot. Not having my scanner (again!!) I was totally in the dark. After a few moments a headlight appeared in the distance as It go closer I could see that it was running on the wrong line. if it didn't stop it would crash into the PW train just south of the station. Not to worry it pulled into the depot and stopped at the level crossing* and waited. Giving me quite some time to set up a take this shot.
BNSF 4515
"What next?" I wondered. We all waited. then in the distance the headlight of another train this one running on the correct line. Another container and trailer train moving at speed. I saw an opportunity for a great picture. The two trains passing in the station! But the Railroad photography gods were not on my side for as the train pulled alongside my camera took it upon itself to go into sleep mode! I couldn't believe it. Now my camera wakes up pretty quickly, but even so the moment was gone. I cursed my luck and headed back to the car and as I reached the car the PW train passed me by heading back north.
BNSF 2032 leads
So, Not a great day. But there will be better ones to come I'm sure.
* grade crossing