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A train! February 7th.

OK its February now. January passed by pretty unvenetfully from a trainspotting point of view. It was just too darned cold to get out there and do anything when I had the time. Witness a Saturday in mid January when I got out of the car to get a picture of a train coming through Saint Cloud and the cold drained the battery!
Hopefully February will produce a little more. Today saw me heading out to St. Cloud to check out the closing down sale at the Circuit City store there. I ended up getting a flash for my camera that retailed at $220 for $89. Can't complain at that deal. So, feeling pretty good with myself with that bargain I decided to stop in at the Amtrak Station to see if my luck would hold there. As I got out of my truck I heard in the distance the sound of a train up towards Sartell about 5 minutes away and figured I'd stick around and wait for it. It wasn't hot today about 34 degrees but there was a chill wind out of the North so I kept the camera inside my jacket for warmth and in the distance the headlights of the train rounded the curve. Great! At least I'll get a picture today. I thought.  It was, by now, misty day and I kew the picture wouldn't be a prize winner. But after a drought of several months I needed to release the shutter on a moving train. I waited. This train was moving slower than usual. I've got to know that coal trains can come through here at a good speed. This one wasn't.
aproaching slowly
It slowly hove into view. It seemed to be taking an age, like it was deliberately teasing me because I hadn't photographed anything in a long time. It wasn't even much to look at. A decidely tatty SD70MAC in some kind of executive livery, leading out a "swoosh"ACe.
SD arrives in Saint Cloud
There you have it. Not much too look at and with the slow speed of the train there was a long time to look at it. It would have deen much better if the "swoosh" ACe had been leading. Well you can't have everything and there will be better days to come I'm sure.