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Love is in the air -Valentines weekend Feb 15th.

Sunday. Time to go home. We didn't want to go home. We never do whenever we come to Duluth. We sat in Caribou Coffee in Canal park feeling sorry for ourselves. Just looking for any excuse not to go home. Looking for trains is a good excuse. Even Mrs TS-USA thought it was a better excuse than going to the mall. So off we headed. I decided we would retrace our steps from the previous days. Start at the fuelling point down to Stinson yard and then over to Oliver Bridge. Things were pretty quiet at the fuelling point as several of the locomotives seen at Stinson yesterday were stood about doing nothing.
line of Geeps
A selection of Geeps 2617 and the EMD leased 874 that I saw at Stinson yesterday plus two others a GP39E No. 2748...
GP 39
GP 39-2
...and No. 2733 a GP39-2. That seemed to be it though I did see some other stuff in the distance. Being unfamiliar with the area and not wanting to get caught trespassing I just settled for a long shot of this GP and a pair of SW's
at the fuelling point 
With that we headed off down to Stinson to see if there was anything there. First sight saw a pair of coal trains wating to go up to Midwest Energy to unload
pair of coal trains
Then a closer view of one of the Geeps left in the yard from yesterday. Actually I don't think it had moved an inch. GP40X No. 3032
GP 40X
Then a little bit of activity as remote control fitted GP SD40-2 No. 7877 headed north into the yard to make up a train for somewhere
SD 40-2
That was it really, we headed over to Oliver Bridge. But there was nothing going on there. So we decided to call it a day. Grab some lunch and head for home.