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Love is in the air -Valentines weekend Feb 14th.

Saturday dawned with snow flurries. But the weather forecast called for bright sunshine. So we headed up to our favourite place on the North Shore - Gooseberry Falls to see the frozen waterfalls. I could fill several pages with pictures of the frozen falls but this website is trainspotter not waterfall spotter...
We arrived back in Duluth with serveral hours to kill before our dinner reservation, so Mrs TS-USA said that we could drive around Superior and look for some trains! I've wanted to explore Superior for many years but never had the chance. Superior seems to be where all the railroad yards are so it was too good a chance to pass up. The first place I wanted to find was the BNSF refuelling point that can be seen from the Belknap street overpass. Out came the map and we navigated ourselves around warehouses, railroad tracks and industrial units until we found ourselves looking at this C-44 ticking over at the refuelling point.
BNSF 4337
Disappointingly, there was nothing else to see here so we carried on driving south for the most part alongside the railroad yard until we reached a cross street and there we were another yard. This one might be Stinson (but like I say this is my first time exploring Superior so I could be wrong.) Here there was a bit to see starting with this double headed ES-44 SD70ACe Midwest Energy coal train.
merc coal train
To give you an idea of the length of the train here's a head on shot (admittedly into the sun) to give you an idea of the length.
 merc coal train head on
That was cool. So I took a look to see what else there was to see. Nothing much, just a few light loco's stood around waiting for something to do.
geeps waiting
solo geep
A bunch of Geeps, one leased from EMD and one in SF Blue and Yellow working together and 3032. I have to admit I don't like the Blue and Yellow colour scheme. That was it. it was time now to head out for dinner. Could the weekend still hold more trainspotting? Click on the logo at the top of the page to go back to the February index.