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Love is in the air -Valentines weekend Feb 13th.

Ahhh... Valentines day. Mrs TS-USA and I went up to Duluth to celebrate. A nice lakefront hotel and gorgeous weather what could be better? OK; the word gorgeous is relative but as the previous weeks have seen temps below 0 degrees F for many days. Days in the 20's are gorgeous. So to the trip. We arrived in Duluth just in time for lunch. The sun was out and there was some beautiful blue skies to be seen. We still had a good couple of hours to kill before we could check in so I hopefully suggested taking a drive down to Oliver, WI to see the Oliver Bridge. For those who don't know. The Oliver bridge is a double decked road and rail bridge built in 1916. I thought it would be quite interesting to see and to my surprise my wife agreed. I pulled out the map and found the easiest route. As we headed there we crossed many railroad tracks and as I looked around I saw this. A CN ES44AC just waiting around with nothing to do. Just look at that trackwork in front of it.
There was nothing else about even though this looked to be a sizeable yard. So we drove on towards the town of Oliver. The Bridge is quite an interesting sight. You can read some basics here. We drove around looking for a good place to take a photograph of the structure but the location is not too conducive to getting a picture. Then I looked to my right and saw a train moving! I said to my wife we should try to get a picture of it crossing the bridge. She swung the car around and we headed back the way we came, through Duluth and out to the Bridge. Alas, the train had too much of a jump on us. As we chased along the bridge underneath the train it was pretty cool hearing the train rattle above us. So we didn't get a picture of a train on the bridge but this is what we were chasing. A pair of CN ES44's 2634 and 2717 an ex-Illinios Central unit.
CN units over the bridge
Never mind that we missed getting a picture. Even my wife admitted that it was pretty cool driving along the bridge underneath the rumbling train. After that we drove about looking for a place to get a decent shot of the structure. It wasn't very easy this is about the best I could do. I am really drawn to these old rusting bridges that seem to be all over the Duluth/Superior area.
Oliver Bridge
With that it was off to the hotel to check in. I didn't know if I'd see anything else this weekend. I was quite happy with the sound of the train rumbling above us. But there was to be more on this weekend click on the Bashers blog logo at the top of the page to be taken to the February index to check out more.