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A visit to the scrapyard Jan 10th.

A new year is here! Time to go out and Trainspot! My first opportunity with co-operative weather happenned on January 10th. I had to make a trip to St. Cloud to pick up some new specs*. Great! I decided to stop off at the yard to start with to see if there was anything exciting. Alas no, just my old chums Northern Lines 1703 and 1704 ticking over in the cold temperatures. So I snapped a couple of shots. The view of 1704 is notable for a couple of things. Firstly it appears that the rear view mirror on the cab side (is it?) has come straight from a Union Pacific locomotive (get a closer look on the homepage). Second, you can see the crest of the railroad of a previous owner starting to appear through on the side of the engine compartment. There's not much of note in the shot of the nose of 1703 other than a bad of ice melt up there...
RLCX 1704
RLCX 1703
With that it was off to the depot to see if I could see anything on the main line. As I arrived an SD headed mixed freight headed westwards, but after that nothing. So the scrapyard across the way from the depot caught my eye. There were several freight cars lined up for scrapping and with snow lying most everywhere I thought it made for some interesting pictures. So by way of something different to start the new year. I present you some studies of scrapped freight cars in the snow. I hope you like them.
hopper and boxcar
pile of snow covered scrap
sections of car floor
* Specs - that's eyeglasses for you colonials...